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Katrina Kaif was caught on video being hooted during Salman Khan’s ongoing Dabanng Reloaded Tour. Watch her handling the situation gracefully

The video which is getting circulated on social media, Katrina can be seen leaving a venue when she is being abused by fans, who came to catch a glimpse of the Bollywood actors that are taking part in the show.

The minute-long video shows, Katrina was walking towards her car with her security guards, when a woman screams at her for not taking selfies. The woman mocks Katrina and says she thinks too much of herself to interact with fans who’ve waited so long to meet her.

Katrina tried to cool her down and said “Ma’am, please calm down,”. While her security guards formed a barrier between Katrina and the woman, who appears to be accompanied by several others in her protest.

And before things could get worse Katrina diverted the attention from her and starts talking selfies with fans whereas, the woman keeps taunting her.

The video ends with the woman saying that they’re here “for Salman Khan. Only for Salman Khan!” meanwhile other people could be heard praising Katrina for how she handled the situation with grace

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