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The #InMyFeelings challenge has currently taken over social media.

The viral trend involves people hopping out of a slow moving car, leaving its door open and dancing next to it as singer Drake’s chartbuster “In My Feelings” plays in the background. Videos of netizens trying the scary, viral challenge have flooded social media. Mumbai Police, one of India’s most Internet-savvy police departments, has posted a tweet warning people against the viral challenge.

Several celebrities have posted their videos doing the challenge. Hollywood star Will Smith shared his version of the challenge with a warning.

Actor Shay Mitchell of  Pretty Little Liars fame also posted a video doing the challenge.

Television actor Nia Sharma posted her video with a disclaimer. “PS: car doesn’t move in Mumbai traffic,” she wrote on Instagram.

The challenge is being copied all over the world, which is why not only Mumbai Police, the National Transportation Safety Board in the US has also warned against the viral trend. Here’s what they tweeted:

The Gulf Emirate of Abu Dhabi even ordered the arrest of three people who participated in the viral dance challenge.

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