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The July Blood Moon 2018, total lunar eclipse will overtake every other eclipse to take place between the years 2001 and 2100.

The eclipse will last one hour and 43 minutes – almost 40 minutes longer than the January 31 Super Blue Blood Moon combo.

According to report, the eclipse will take peak sometime around 8.22pm UTC or 1:52 AM IST time

A partial eclipse precedes and follows the century’s longest total lunar eclipse, each time lasting one hour and six minutes.

During the eclipse, when the moon passes through the shadow cast by Earth, the moon will take on a deep red to orange color rather than completely disappear from sight.

Blood Moon 2018

Photo by Celso Oliveria at unsplash

The partial lunar eclipse will begin at 6.24pm UTC and the full show will begin an hour later at 7.30pm UTC.

As per experts, the total eclipse will come to an end by 9.13pm UTC and the moon will be visible in its whole glory again at 10.19pm UTC.

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