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The Maharashtra government has banned single-use plastic items including carry bags, thermocol  and disposable cutlery from today. The violation will attract penalty ranging from Rs 5,000- Rs 25,000.

Here are list of items you can’t use from Today

  1. All kinds of plastic bags (with and without handle), garbage bags
  2. All one-time use disposable items made up of plastic and thermocol, such as cutlery, plates and bowls.
  3. Plastic sheets to wrap or store products and plastic pouches to store liquid.
  4. Non-woven polypropylene bags (a cross between paper and cloth bag)
  5. Disposable plastic containers used for takeaway
  6. PET bottles (containing soft drinks, mineral water etc) and with a carrying capacity of less than 500 ml

Here are list of items you continue using

  1. Plastic cover/plastic material used at the manufacturing stage
  2. Plastic used for medicines, solid waste management and agricultural products
  3. Compostable plastic material used for nurseries, horticulture and agriculture
  4. Milk bags and plastic bottles used in packaged water industry. Milk bags and bottles will have to be recycled by collecting them back. Or else, customers have to pay a nominal recycling fee to shopkeeper

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