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Photo sharing social network Instagram launched a Video platform on Wednesday for full-screen vertical video content

The app is called “IGTV” and it’s available as a standalone app, though its content will be available on the regular Instagram app too.

The Facebook-owned company called IGTV its “most exciting feature to date”. Unlike on Instagram, videos as long as an hour can be uploaded to the new app. Though for few days user will be able to upload maximum 10 minutes video.

Just like television, the app will start playing videos when it is opened and viewers will be able to swipe through a variety of longer-form videos, or swipe up to visit a Browse tab of personally recommended videos, popular videos, creators they’re following and the option to continue watching previously started videos. Users will also get callouts from the IGTV button alerting them to new content.

As Viralbhasad reported earlier, limitation of vertical video uploading and absence of monetizing method might create hurdles for this app

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