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Netflix’s web series ‘Lust Stories’ is all about four women holding their sexual desire and it’s been making lots of noise on social media from the day Netflix aired the show. Recently a video of stand-up comedian Sumukhi Suresh came up with a ‘masturbation manual for women’ inspired by ‘Lust Stories’ and the same is making waves on the internet.

In the one-minute short clip, Sumukhi teaches how a woman can give pleasure to herself taking Hrithik’s name. She says, “Ghar jaana aaj, thodi sexy music lagana, darwaza bandh kar dena aur apne do haathon ko saaf karna pehle, because hygiene first. Phir Hrithik Roshan ka naam leke bas…”

Hrithik Roshan was tagged in a tweet asking if he had watched the video

He responded, “Yes, I have. It is almost embarrassing but at the same time very flattering and complimentary. An honest admission. :)”


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