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This Baba is best known for the amount of unusual gold jewelry he wears while participating in the pilgrimage every year.

ANI reports that this will be the 25th Kanwar Yatra for ‘Golden Baba’. The Kanwar Yatra is an annual pilgrimage by devotees of Lord Shiva to holy places in Uttarakhand and Bihar. The ‘Kanwarias’, as the pilgrims are known, fetch water of from the river Ganges and carry it hundreds of miles to offer it at local Shiva shrines or specific temples.

The original name of this baba is Sudhir Makkar, the businessman-turned-self-styled godman was given police protection during his 2016 yatra. According to a Hindustan Times report, the amount of gold worn by the baba has been increasing with every year. In 2016, he wore gold ornaments weighing 12 kg, which went up to 14.5 kg last year.

 There are many such videos of him uploaded on a YouTube channel dedicated to him.

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