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Recently a man share on twitter how his four-year-old confronted him, when she found a ‘bra’ in his car that was not belongs to her mother.

Crazy as it sounds, but it happened for real. However, the story had a twist, probably why he could not resist sharing the incident on the twitter, where it went viral for hilarious reasons.

Well, as it happened, Twitter user @AngryManTV found his daughter asking his wife why her bra was in his car. His wife, who hasn’t been in his car for weeks like he claimed, walked up to him, (obviously) demanding an explanation. While he said there was no bra in his car, his daughter stood her ground and said, “Ya huh, cup thingie with straps!” Well, what else could it have been then if not lingerie, right?

When they rushed to check his car to see what his daughter was referring to. They find his respirator lying on the seat there. His baby girl mistook his oxygen mask for a lingerie, thus resulting in a chaos full of comedy.




Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

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