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Here is the sarcastically funny song ‘Baba Bolta Hai’ from the movie Sanju, featuring real life Sanju ”Ranbir Kapoor’ and the man himself ‘Sanjay Dutt’

The song exposes the dark side Indian media, how they build news or add spices to news to make it saleable.

The songs comes at end of the movie with credits and stops pepolp from movie out of the theatre after movie finishes.


Enjoy the video song Baba Bolta Hai

The two Rs – Rajkumar Hirani and Ranbir Kapoor – are the biggest beneficiaries from Sanju

Hirani has consolidated and cemented his status with yet another SMASH HIT

After the failure of Jaga Jasoos, Ranbir Kapoor needed a Hit, the massive Box Office numbers of  ‘Sanju’ are bring him back, he’s Back with a Bang.


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