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Open letter to TROLLERS

Amidst of all the trolls and negative comments, Race 3 got released & it is doing huge business till today but the series of trolls are not going to end any soon.

Yes, I agree there were many flaws in the movie, especially that bhojpuri accent but it is not enough to degrade any actor, especially the one who is in the industry from 31 years.

India loves its movies, be it Bollywood or Tollywood, we Indians fall in love with our actors and sometimes even worship them, I have heard that in South India people even build temples of their favorite and famous actors.
There are good movies and there are bad too but we never stop following our favourites because one or few bad movies can’t decide an actor’s fall.

Here, I am talking about the bollywood’s very own Robinhood Pandey a.k.a Salman Khan.

This actor is one of the favourite of trollers, whatever he does attracts trollers but the question is, Is it justified? Is he the one who gives bad movies? Hasn’t he ever given a good movie?

If your answer is yes, then stop watching his films but let’s just STOP TROLLING.

Forget all his movies like Maine Pyar Kiya, Baaghi, Hum Aapke Hai kaun, Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan etc.
Let’s just forget what kind of an anchor he is, ya, right Big Boss is the worst t.v show ever, then why is it still going to air Season 12?

Yes, maybe because of some crazy stupid fans but Are Salman Khan’s fans the only fans who support their favorite on odds too?
All I want to say is STOP TROLLING, be it Salman Khan, Swara Bhaskar or even Ekta Kapoor etc.

They all have achieved a lot in their respective lives and it takes a huge amount of hardwork in achieving it, actors mould their lives, schedules according to a show or movie, and all that time they are not aware whether it will be a hit or miss, they just do their work, don’t we all get failed in our projects and meetings? Failures, ever heard about that? Well, I have, but that doesn’t mean that I will stop doing what I do or what I want to do?

A famous celebrity said Bollywood is all about latkas and jhatkas and everyone trolled her too but then if bollywood tries to do something out of the box, trollers start trolling.

A little reminder to the trollers, maybe you have a fan following of thousands or say it lakhs but don’t forget these actors like Salman Khan have millions of fans worldwide and they don’t give a damn to these trolls.

We all loved Sachin Tendulkar, don’t we? I remember there were times when ge got out on a duck, did we all stop following him or loving him or ask him to quit playing? I am sure the fans didn’t.

Salman khan, at the age of 52 is fit, is nurturing his family, is giving breaks to many, does a cameo for friends for free, is helping the needy ones, these trollers won’t be able to do this all at young age, doing all this at his age is far beyond thinking.

You all are intelligent enough to recognize about a good or bad movie with just a trailer, then who forces you to go to theaters to watch a bad movie and ask for renumeration?

Social media has given all of us an opportunity to share our views, to interact with our favourites, let’s just do it in a healthy way and make the best use of it.

I know I will be brutally and mercilessly trolled for this letter but all I want to say is #STOPTROLLING

A die hard fan of Salman Khan.

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