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A.I. with Voice Cloning : We often play with different apps and enjoys voice modulations but imagine a device or robot talking with everyone in your voice, a Montreal-based AI company called Lyrebird has made it possible by built a software that is capable of cloning any voice.

The voice cloning technology has already helped people, Pat Quinn the founder of Ice Bucket Challenge who suffers from a disease which took his voice,

Cnet reported. Lyrebird’s voice cloning algorithm is capable of not only mimicking human voice but also use some real-world audio samples to add an emotional aspect to sound even more realistic.

As every technology has some pros and cons, the technology like voice cloning can increase phone call related frauds and might affect professionals who are earning their living by using their sound quality like singers, radio jokes, mimicry artist etc.

But changes and development are part of life and we should be ready for the future


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